1) Acrobat Standard vs Acrobat Pro  ($13 / mo vs $15 mo)

2) Cute PDF is cheapest alternative - $50 

3) PDF Architect is next cheapest and more popular than anything but Acrobat -$60 or $90 depending on the version

4) iSkySoft PDF Editor - $100

** Geared towards CAD firms - BlueBeam is the leader

** Some of the features like electronic signature seem nice on the surface, but are a pain to implement correctly - which is why DocuSign and Adobe e-sign exist.  It doesn't sound like that's a driver, but didn't want you to chase that rabbit without knowing that up front (all the apps tout that capability).

If you just need very basic PDF edits (re-organizing pages, basic markup, etc.) -- CutePDF or PDF Architect are sufficient.  If you want to reliably convert to Excel or Word, Acrobat still reigns supreme there.  

All of this may be a moot point if you really just need to change your workflow -- instead of trying to hack PDFs together, you might need to do a mixture of screen grab / capture and save as a .PNG format -- which can be dropped in your Word / Excel file (manipulating the document) -- the final version is saved as PDF.  Instead of taking data elements from 2 or 3 PDFs and cutting / pasting together.

Some folks may be saving as PDF, when really a screen capture is more appropriate -- reference to Windows Snipping Tool

Acrobat and PDFforge are the 2 most popular products we see folks actually using.